Learning resources and information for learners on the Entry 3 Animal Care Course

Welcome On behalf of Landbased Industries, I would like to welcome you to Oaklands College. I hope you achieve all you set out to do and more, I am very proud of my team who are ready and willing to support you to follow your dreams and succeed. All I ask is you work hard, arrive on time and maintain your attendance, with this formula you will not go wrong, do remember should life adversities get in the way, keep in communication and draw on our support team. We are all here to support you. Clare Hood (Head of Department Land Based Industries) Your Tutors: Your Group A Tutor is Kirsty Driscoll Email: Kirsty.driscoll@oaklands.ac.uk Number: 01727 737 000 Office: Habitat Animal Care Building

Learning materials and resources for Level 1 Dip Animal Care

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