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    Eclipse is our library catalogue.

    This catalogue lists everything we have in each LRC.


    ebooks for FE

    * These eBooks cover: Business, Childcare & Counselling, Education, Engineering, Fine Arts, Hair, Beauty & Holistic Therapies, Healthcare, Information Technology, Social Work, Sport & Coaching, Travel & Tourism.

    Oaklands College pays for access to these ebooks. 

    Britannica - Free access for Oaklands College till 2018

    Britannica Academic is a resource for learners to start any project. Content is suitable for GSCE, AS/ A Level/ Scottish Higher National, undergraduate, postgraduate and vocational studies. This is a multidisciplinary resource with particular relevance to Arts and Humanities, Business & Economics, Health & Life Sciences Science, Engineering & Technology Social Sciences.

    * Britannica ImageQuest is an online library of nearly three million rights-cleared, images from more than 50 of the world's image libraries. Collections include National Geographic, Newscom, National History Museum, Getty Images and other leading names. Content is suitable for GSCE, AS/ A Level/ Scottish Higher National, undergraduate, postgraduate and vocational studies.

    Social issues



    This is a reference source addressing contemporary social issues.

    UsernameOaklands Password: 46190

    Articles, statistics and organisational information.

    Username: Welwyn Password: LRC

    Journals and Online Magazines

    Animal Welfare Journal is the established scientific and technical journal that brings together the results of scientific research and technical studies related to the welfare of animals kept on farms, in zoos, in laboratories, as companions or living in the wild.
    Veterinary Nurse is a clinical, professional and educational journal for veterinary nurses around the world who wish to enhance their practice and deepen their understanding of veterinary nursing.
    London Review of Books - a bi-monthly journal featuring essay-length articles on diverse topics such as politics, literature, history, philosophy, science and the arts.
      * Early Years & Nursery Stories

    Choose the blue "Institution Sign-In" button and then select "Oaklands College" from the list and then select the green Login button.
      * Healthcare and education content from the Mark Allen Group

    Choose "UK Higher Education" from the drop-down menu and then select "Oaklands College" from the list.

    Engineering and Construction

    * Info4education - is a complete reference source for online access to British Standards, legislation and other guidance information related to construction, health and safety, product catalogues covering the construction, engineering, process and electronics industries...


    Digimap for Colleges is an online service providing access to Ordnance Survey mapping of Great Britain

    Geospatial information and services for those in education and research.
    Access to Video Archive Library

    Art, Design and Media

    * Stimulating and supporting contemporary visual arts practice.

    To access a-n select Oaklands College from the drop down list.


    MediaMagazine and website for A Level Media Studies and Film Studies students.

    Login details outside college:

    Username: mediamagazine11
    Password: qp726zr

    * JISCMediaHub - Access to a wide range of audio video resources from JISC.


    Simple online Maths Tutor.

    Username: oaklandscoll Password: equation

    Login: oaklandscollege

    WGC Campus Username: mathwgc password: Oaklands1
    SML Campus username: mathsml password: Oaklands2

    Business and Marketing
    * MarketLine is a leading provider of quality information on companies, industries and countries.
    * Market forecasts and E-Commerce

    Select "Oaklands College" from the drop-down menu and then login.
    * Access legal resources for A and AS level law studies
    * Anatomy and Physiology resources.

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    You can find a lot of information on the internet delivered via our partner content providers. We make use of the UK Federation with *Shibboleth  authentication to allow you access to content and information specially created and provided for students in the UK. You may need your Oaklands College student username and password to access some of these resources, particularly when you look at these resources from off site.